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Advice and Support:
To get started, if you consult with experienced and experienced people you will get better results in a shorter time. Because you won't go through the thousands of wrong paths others have taken to find the right path.

Simulation encompasses a wide range of areas, each of which requires special expertise and expertise. In recent years, quantum simulations based on density functional theory and classical approaches based on molecular dynamics have grown unprecedented among researchers, researchers, and academics. However, the science of simulation is scattered and islands are scattered among scholars in this field.

The NRTC Computing Center has been working to bring this scattered knowledge together and provide professional, full-time consulting services to researchers in the field.

You can ask us your questions in the following areas so we can answer your questions for free:

Guidance on your thesis, thesis, or research project
Introduce the computational theory needed for your research project
Introducing appropriate software for this research
Determine the computing and processing power required and introduce appropriate computers
Teaching method and method of calculation
Analysis of data and progeny and how to present the final report
We recommend:

Contact us first to determine the topic of your project or research project and start with the advice of the consultants in this collection. You can also carry out your research project directly under the supervision of the center's experts by attending the center.

We answer every moment

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